Linux Server Management

Our Linux server management services feature the comprehensive monitoring you need to ensure server health, including server disk space and load and system service availability.

Why Linux Server Management

Patch Management — Linux Style

Patch management refers to applying software updates to current software systems. It’s a complex process, as every infrastructure change includes a certain level of risk. IT organizations often do not update for this reason, or do not update enough. We make it possible to apply and manage security patches effectively on a Linux server by taking a proactive approach that includes patch application to the Linux kernel, Linux applications, and any other systems running code on your Linux server.

Our team updates security features, addresses coding errors, and incorporates new features as needed. While maintaining a secure environment for server applications is the most obvious reason to patch your Linux server, we also recommend doing so in order to keep work environments up to date and utilize new software package features.

Services We Provide

Services we provide in regards to Linux server management include:

  • Directory Service integration with Radius, Samba, LDAP, or Active Directory
  • Security Management
  • Service Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Support of Enterprise Linux, Debian Linux, and their downstream forks

Comprehensive Linux Server Management

Our Linux server management services include effective management of common Linux server patch challenges, such as those surrounding patch automation. Security is arguably the best reason for implementing patch automation, as it reduces issues such as data loss. It also increases corporate productivity by correcting locking mechanisms in Linux operating systems and applying patches that fix system crashes before they interfere with employee productivity.

Reducing Complexity

Reduce the complexity of your Linux server by working with us. We’ll make certain your operating system is secure and allow you to automate auditing and automation processes, so compliance with internal policies is on point and external regulations are met. Our team will monitor your Linux server routinely for security threats, ensure logs are audited on a daily basis, and provide the offsite backup protection that meets your needs and budget.

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