Apache Server Management

Apache server services are among the many IT offerings available to you through Wazitech. This web server provides a variety of benefits designed to streamline your company’s operations, and it remains the most popular option of its kind. So why is Apache a great web server option for you?

About Apache Server

Module Functionality

Apache’s functionalities are delivered mainly through modules, or plugins to the server’s main architecture. They strengthen Apache’s main functionality and can be downloaded by themselves or constructed from MakeFiles and installed into existing architecture. They can also be “baked in” when Apache is being installed, which we highly recommend.

The Apache module mod_jk provides seamless integration services when used with a Tomcat container, as it allows the server to accept requests and forward them as necessary. This option makes it possible to run numerous Tomcat instances on one singular Apache instance.

Virtual Host Creation

Apache allows you to create virtual hosts on your server easily in order to “give the appearance of different hosts” operating under the same IP address. Creating VirtualHosts on the main server that accepts requests from designated servers and routes them to the appropriate ports is a relatively straightforward process, and one that can be defined in the configuration file. VirtualHosts are responsible for most of Apache’s configurations.

URL Rewriting

Yet another fascinating Apache feature is the capacity to rewrite URLs with regex patterns in mind in order to achieve certain perceived navigations. This feature is highly useful when securing your application, as it makes it possible to rewrite specific URLs using HTTPS based on their paths.

Load Balancing

Apache uses two modules to load balance traffic in a cluster, which is arguably its most helpful feature. mod_proxy and mod_proxy_balancer are the modules used. Load balancing makes it possible to divide traffic easily among all of your cluster’s members and choose among three different algorithms to configure how loads are balanced. These include Request Counting, which allows configuration of all cluster members so each receives the right amount of work based on request number.

Weighted Traffic is the second algorithm, and one that works essentially the same way as Request Counting, save specification of the factor representing each node’s relative traffic size and subsequent handling. The third algorithm is Pending Request, which works depending on who is “busiest.” Pending Request is considered especially useful when working with nodes that queue requests, as Apache’s load balancing algorithm guarantees such queues remain even.

Our Apache Services

We offer the following Apache services:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Hardening
  • Maintenance

Talk to us today about Apache server installation and related services and enjoy the many beneficial features this option provides. Our team ensures meticulous installation and will easily configure and secure the server from all possible threats. Maintenance services make certain your Apache system remains on point.

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