BIND Server Management

The BIND, or Berkeley Internet Name Domain, server is the most popular DNS server. It is maintained by ISC and referred to as “named.” BIND is regarded as a “core tool” for the majority of internet sites since it translates domain names into IP addresses frequently found on Linux servers.

Why BIND Server

A Reliable Option

BIND is available for download and installation by our team. We will install it on your Linux or Unix server, so it can work as a DNS server for either public or private network use. Many DNS servers are based on BIND, since it’s a highly reliable option. The download is 4.8 MBytes.

Zone Data Setup

File structure is essentially the same regardless of Linux distribution. Once BIND installation is complete, we’ll help you create zone data files, or files that the DNS server loads to understand your domain’s setup, as well as the hosts within it. A DNS server contains numerous files featuring domain setup information, which is used to map host names to IP addresses. Other files map the IP address back to host names. Name-to-IP Address lookup is sometimes referred to as forward mapping, while IP Address-to-Name lookup is sometimes called reverse mapping.

Security Hardening Measures

Hardening the BIND server is necessary to protect it from a wide variety of security problems. For example, if zone transfers are allowed, an attacker can easily gain access to complete lists of routers and hosts, including IP addresses, names, and possibly information about location.

Should your internet service crash, you’ll face “denial of service” problems, such as no website visibility, inability to deliver emails, and setup of faux DNS servers. The latter results in loss of integrity, as fake websites cause many problems, such as capture of PIN numbers and account information.

We address any weaknesses within your BIND system and take the appropriate measures, such as using a dedicated, hardened server and never sharing with other services, especially logins. We’ll also install a secondary on a different connection if needed and make any other adjustments and improvements that keep your server safe and secure.

Our Services

Our BIND server options include the following, in addition to security hardening:

  • Master Slave Configuration
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Authoritative vs. Recursive DNS Server services
  • and more

Whether you require the installation and configuration of BIND, or need to harden the server against threats, rely on our team to provide the meticulous services necessary to ensure optimal system function. We install and configure correctly the first time and ensure what you have in place is operational and protected against attacks.

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