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IT Systems Management is a cornerstone of what we do at Wazitech. Our Systems Management options offer various levels of monitoring, maintenance, and response services for network, server, and desktop environments.

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About IT System Management

What is IT Systems Management?

IT service management originated in part through system management services and functions performed via large-scale mainframe environments. The Czontinuous evolution has resulted in meticulous services that include options such as configuration management, problem and change management, disaster recovery, and performance management.

Managing assorted technologies can provide a foundation for many ITSM solutions, but it is not the main focus. ITSM is designed to meet business needs through careful customization, for example the “technology focus” in traditional services transforms into "process focus."

Any ITSM method paradigm includes a review of business and service-level objectives, as well as technology infrastructure and any other vital components.

Why Implement ITSM?

The decision to implement ITSM allows our team to review your current IT system as well as related processes and services to develop highly tailored planning, security, support, delivery, and infrastructure models that improve customer service. Different services are aligned with different business needs to meet objectives.

Benefits of Utilizing ITSM

Outsourcing ITSM provides your business with a wealth of benefits designed to streamline processes and achieve more effective operations that prevent costly issues. Some of the many benefits ITSM offers include:

  • Ability to measure and subsequently improve IT performance
  • Repeatable, scalable practices and processes
  • Improved control
  • More defined roles and responsibilities among all employees
  • Identification of issues on a proactive level
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Prevention of various issues
  • Less time spent on problems should they arise
  • Improved expectation management for both employees and stakeholders
  • More

We provide a variety of ITSM-related services for your convenience, including:

Server Support

Servers function as business backbones and are among the first things to fail in the event of a network issue. Whatever your server type, such as a virtual, email, database, file, or web server, ensuring it remains operational is essential to the health of your business.

Our server support services are designed to keep yours in excellent condition and determine whether an upgrade or a new server is necessary. We also help your team maintain the server once installed, providing patches and backup among other security efforts. Servers we work with regularly include:

  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Linux Server
  • SQL Server 2012

Network and Desktop Management

Maintaining a secure network means understanding which vulnerabilities are affecting or could affect your system. We help you take the software and physical preventative measures necessary to create a platform that allows your company’s computers to do what they need to, minus security risks.

Desktop support is another of our special ITSM services, and may be performed onsite or remotely, or via cloud or specific projects.

It’s our job to give your business the competitive edge it deserves to thrive. Don’t let IT problems affect revenue as well as employee morale...let us help you find the solutions you need!

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