Financial institutions understand that technology is the backbone of their service delivery and overall consumer experience. Wazi Technical Solutions leverages best-practices, industry knowledge, and scalable infrastructure solutions to help financial institutions create dependable technology solutions that can be relied on to consistently provide the technical systems and services critical to your company’s success.

How can Wazitech help with Financial Institutions?

Managed IT services are an accepted-fit for an ever-evolving financial industry. At Wazitech we know that downtime and outages within your market data systems can be costly, and have a substantial impact on revenues. With built-in layers of redundancy and immediate recovery, our managed services help ensure that downtime simply does not happen for your company.

The economic advantage that may have once existed for financial institutions building their own advanced proprietary systems is over. Technology is now sometimes out of date before it’s been fully implemented and the cost of continuous improvement in an area that is not a fundamental business is exorbitant. When experts, like those at Wazi, are building scalable offerings that are delivering your business the highest quality systems, at a lower total cost of ownership and with the highest levels of security, there leaves little question that our Managed IT services are right for you.

How does Wazitech help with PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance is a set of standards developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. It is critical to maintain adherence to these standards, and Wazitech makes it easy to manage with assistance in the implementation and management of a secure network, serving as the cornerstone of any PCI Compliant company.

Services include:

  • Installation, management, and configuration of firewalls
  • Implementation of secure, compliance capable password retention and generation systems
  • Email and Data Encryption Services
  • Management/Maintenance of Network Vulnerability Plan
  • Strong Access Controls consulting
  • Security Policy Review

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