Security Management

Security threats and vulnerabilities present challenges to businesses and organizations every day, making comprehensive security management a necessity. Wazitech offers a well-rounded list of security services designed to keep your IT network protected and secure.

Our Services

Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam Management

We provide client-side anti-malware, anti-virus, and anti-spam management. All protection is configured, monitored, and updated every day as needed.

Log Monitoring

Log files contain vital information regarding a computer’s software, hardware, and system issues. Such information is available as chronicled messages that may be utilized for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes. Log examples include application, DNS server, security, directory service, and system information. We use log monitoring to detect threats and maintain system compliance.

IDS/IPS Configuration and Management

Intrusion defense systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) rectify different security problems, with IPS being similar to a firewall. IPS feature many different “rules,” most of which fall under the “deny category.” For example, "Block this known security threat” is a typical IPS rule. IPS are comparable to firewalls, in that both are control devices.

IDS are visibilities rather than control tools. They “sit off to the side” of your network to monitor traffic and provide insight concerning the network’s “security posture.” IDS are similar to protocol analyzer tools in that they delve into a network to see what is occurring in terms of security.

Our team installs and manages IDS and IPS for you to provide your network with additional protection.

Application Hardening

Applications are often considered the most challenging IT infrastructure components due to complexity, among other factors. Application hardening refers to changing an application’s default configuration for security purposes.

OS Hardening

Operating system hardening concerns configuring the system so it’s protected against unauthorized access and similar security threats. The operating system is more secure, efficient, and reliable, so it may perform at an optimal level.

Network Hardening

Network hardening refers to configuring a network’s routers and servers to protect it from breaches and other security issues. It frequently involves disabling unnecessary services, patching the server, and installing firewalls.

Hardening offers a variety of benefits, all of which contribute to IT system fortification. For example, you’ll recover faster in the event of a system failure, deal with fewer delays and system failures, and enjoy a much more efficient, reliable operation among other perks.

A Layered Approach

At Wazitech, we believe in a layered approach to security management. Hardening is a layered approach, and when used in combination with other security measures provides the protection your system needs from a wide variety of threats and issues. Allow our experts to configure and monitor your selected security options so you can enjoy a much more streamlined system that keeps your business or organization in perfect operation.

Don’t let security threats derail what you’ve worked so hard to achieve — talk to us today about your options and relax knowing you have the support you need to maintain a successful business. We’re here to help!

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