Mobile Device Management

More and more companies are implementing BYOD, or ‘Bring Your Own Device.’ We offer comprehensive mobile device management for iOS and Android, including device management through Office 365 for your convenience.

Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management Via Office 365

Managing and securing mobile devices connected to your company’s Office 365 is possible via Mobile Device Management for Office 365. It allows management of numerous mobile device types, though each employee must have an applicable Office 365 license. Additionally, employee devices must be enrolled in MDM for Office 365. We’ll help you create mobile device management policies that control access to your Office 365 email and documents for all supported devices and apps and make it easy to remotely wipe a device that’s been stolen, or at least remove important information.

Apps used in controlling access to Office 365 include:

  • Exchange
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

Our team also provides assistance in terms of security, encryption, jail broken setting, and more.

Application Deployment Management

We provide application deployment management, so your business or organization can easily distribute applications on employee devices. Management and upgrade services are also included to simplify application development as much as possible.

Remote Wipe

This policy remains a subject of debate, as it allows a company to remotely wipe an employee’s device after said employee leave. The idea is to avoid allowing the employee to take company information and documents with him or her upon departure. We’ll help you implement and manage a partial or complete remote wipe policy.

Security Policies

BYOD requires careful review and implementation of a security policy. It’s essential to avoid remote wipes and similar problems that result in the removal of personal data and apps from employee devices. We’ll help you create a custom personal policy that includes platform-specific management for iOS and Android devices, among other security policy efforts.

Features We Provide

Our team provides the following mobile device management features on iOS and Android devices:

  • Remote Takeover to and from PC, to and from Mac
  • Proxy settings
  • Ticket creation
  • Device audit: software, hardware, disk usage, change log
  • Remote agent features: file transfer, privacy mode, remote shell, screenshot, task manager, event log, and remote registry, among others
  • Device management: lock and unlock device, erase device and settings, change passcode
  • Passcode policy
  • WiFi credentials
  • Restrictions: allow use of camera, app installation, screen capture, in-app purchases, voice dialing, Facetime, automatic sync when roaming, Siri, and more
  • Additional assistance: block safari popups, allow iCloud backup, allow app removal, allow photostream, and more

If you’re considering BYOD, or have already made it company policy, rely on our experienced team to help you manage mobile devices effectively. We keep devices secure, allow for highly efficient business use, and ensure sensitive data stays within your company.

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