Business Continuity Management

We use the 3-2-1 rule as the foundation of our business continuity management: 3 Copies, 2 Locations, 1 Offsite

Why Is Business Continuity Management Important?

The Cost of Downtime

The cost per hour of system downtime is staggering. It ranges from $9,000 to $750,000 per hour depending on the size of your operation and whether the issue is due to human error, a network outage, or a natural disaster. Small businesses have lost as much as $500K due to downtime over the last few years, and more than 90 percent of them fail within two years of the disaster.

The Foundation

Backup is essential to any business, small or otherwise, as it serves as the foundation for business continuity and disaster recovery. Neither can exist without backup, and we strongly advise reviewing six criteria before implementing a backup solution.


Your chosen solution must offer seamlessly integrated functionalities, especially if you do not have a dedicated IT department. On-premise and cloud-based solutions are subsequently recommended, as they offer the greatest protection.


Managing IT solutions is something many small business owners and staff do not have time for. Hence, having an easy-to-use backup/continuity system is imperative. Intelligent user interfaces, featuring support from an extensive network of managed service providers, are therefore suggested.


A system featuring instant recovery capabilities prevents costly downtime that can do serious injury to small businesses. Hardware systems may fail, but if you have instant virtualization options at your disposal, you won’t lose precious data. Some providers can even convert a backup into a fully operational system within minutes. Total system replication is required if downtime is due to a natural disaster.


Sizable IT budgets are not always possible for small businesses, and they often must look for outsourcing options. We provide both in-house and outsourced possibilities for your convenience and keep services affordable without sacrificing quality. A lower-priced system may be tempting, but it could easily end up costing your company over time. Our options remain affordable for this reason.


We suggest selecting a backup system that does its job on a regular basis. Incremental backup is a great option, as the technology backs up whatever you have changed or deleted instead of backing up your entire system every time.


Your business requires more data as it grows and thrives, making more advanced business continuity and backup solutions necessary.

Features to Look for

Our experts recommend looking for the following features before choosing an option:

  • Image-based backup
  • Proof of backup
  • Virtualization
  • Secure storage

Services We Offer Include:

  • Quarterly offsite disaster recovery verification
  • Daily screenshot backup verification
  • Instant onsite/offsite virtualization

Work with us and enjoy the streamlined continuity management that keeps your business from enduring the many issues associated with downtime. Such services can sometimes seem like waste of money, but they’re actually necessary to secure your investment and protect you from lost revenue. You’ll get the protection you need to sidestep disasters when you choose our continuity services.

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