Astrix Phone System Management

The Linux-based Asterisk phone system is regarded as the standard option among modern VoIP PBX systems. Asterisk is celebrated as a powerful, flexible possibility in commercial PBX products, since the system is a complete PBX engine in terms of software.

If you’re interested in setting up this digital phone system, allow us to put our expertise to work and assist you in implementing Asterisk so it conforms to your company’s needs as thoroughly as possible.

Our Astrix Services

Management Options


FreePBX is an preconfigured Linux Distro based on Astrix. It functions as a web-based, open source, web based graphical user interface (GUI) for Astrix and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It provides a convenient way to manage your Astrix Phone System without having to touch configuration files.

Webmin PBX Manager

Many reasons exist for implementing the PBX Manager for Asterisk, including:

  • Easy installation: Fast installation is possible via Webmin plugin on any Asterisk server. Only Apache and PHP are required for operation, not an SQL server.
  • No Linux or Asterisk knowledge required
  • Multi-language support: User interface languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, with more languages to come.
  • Web browser-based frontend: PBX Manager for Asterisk is applicable to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and most other web browsers. Plugins such as Flash and Java are not required, nor does any client software require installation.
  • Standard PBX function support: Standard phone functions are contained and ready to use, including phone management, waiting queues, voicemail with email notification, voice menu builder, conference rooms, call routing, time-based functions, and more.
  • Professional voice prompts: Professional voice prompts are included.
  • Any-size installation: PBX works on Asterisk installations of any size, allowing for bulk creation of phones and subsequent extensions.
  • Support and documentation: The PBX manager features an English-language administration and user handbook. This handbook is in PDF format, with end-user support available through email and the PBX manager forum.
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Sample configuration included

Configuration Management

  • Inbound/Outbound Routes
  • Extension and Group Management
  • IVR and Call Schedules
  • PRI and SIP Provider Integration

Fax Integration

We’ll easily integrate your fax system into Asterisk for more streamlined digital communication operation

If the Asterisk phone system is something you believe will benefit your company, allow us to help you install and configure it with the expertise we’re known for. Our team will set up the system for you, so you can enjoy more functional voice communications.

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