Server Management

Take advantage of our server management services, all of which are designed to ensure smooth network operations and prevent issues that cost your business in terms of time, money, and energy.

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Patch Management

Patch management revolves around acquiring the right security patches for your business’ needs, then testing and installing multiple patches, or code changes, to a computer system. Our team is up to date on all current patches, provides detailed recommendations regarding which patch is best for which system, ensures meticulous installation, post-installation testing, and more.

Fault/Performance Monitoring

We strongly believe that staying up to date on everything related to your network is the best way to prevent outages and other “surprise” complications. Our fault/performance monitoring services are designed to detect issues as soon as they occur, provide recovery actions, and limit network failure impact as much as possible. We subsequently recommend implementing 24/7 network surveillance, so isolating and troubleshooting a problem is a simple process.

Continuity Management

IT service continuity management offers the support IT staff needs to deal with and recover from network disasters, while also offering design, testing, training, and review options. It’s our job to streamline your network’s processes, and we are proud to provide IT staff members with everything they need to succeed.

Security Management

Security is a key part of server management, with layered defense tactics being the best option. Our security management solutions include regular penetration tests that identify potential issues, many of which are due to coding or configuration errors, outdated server modules, and insufficient patch management.

Management Methodologies

Dependency Mapping

Dependency mapping outlines what your server is dependent on, and what depends on your server. For example, a web server application that utilizes a database server application means the former is dependent on the database.

Configuration Management

Configuration management involves the detailed recording and updating of information describing your enterprise’s software or hardware. This information usually includes any updates applied to current software packages, as well as the network addresses and locations of hardware devices. We review your server’s configuration, as well as correlating applications, and offer the following ‘change management’ solutions:

  • Request a change
  • Approve/deny a change
  • Impact analysis
  • Change implementation
  • Review/report/document the change


We also offer server documentation services, including current configuration and related applications. Our team believes in using documentation as a tool that helps you and us gain a deeper understanding of your network. You’ll maintain pristine network continuity, enjoy the assistance you need with project planning, and so much more.

Allow us to help you choose a documentation template that best serves your business model. We don’t recommend generic templates, as they aren’t customized to your requirements, contain details you don’t need, and lack help in areas most important to your business.

Available 24/7 Service Desk Support

Our team makes it easy for your staff to focus on what’s important--your business--while we take care of your end users on a continuous basis. Service desk support includes having your calls answered by an experienced, knowledgeable technician every time, among other helpful options.

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