Desktop Management

Wazitech offers a comprehensive range of services designed to provide you with the IT services and solutions you need, including desktop or end-user management. This facet of systems security provides you with end-to-end management of all computers within your organization, so you may enjoy a secure, efficient work environment.

Our Services

  • Patch Management: Understanding which systems are up to date and which require security patches can be challenging. We eliminate guesswork and reduce security risks by making certain all devices comply with patch requirements. Our team provides fast, highly accurate, well-tested patches on machines that need them.
  • Fault/Performance Monitoring: Fault and performance monitoring allow us to track, analyze, and rid your system of faults in an efficient manner. We look at how long it takes a computer to complete system tasks and applications and identify issues quickly, such as the amount of memory available and hard disk speed.
  • Continuity Management: Our continuity management services effectively manage all potential IT service risks, reducing them from serious threats to manageable issues. We identify all external and internal continuity requirements, plan an effective strategy, and manage continuity actions via ongoing maintenance, reporting, and improvements.
  • Security Management: Efficient security management not only blocks assorted threats to your system, but it also anticipates and resolves potential risks. Our security management services ensure your system won’t fail when you need it, such as before a huge product launch.

How Is Desktop Management Changing?

Desktop management is entering a new phase thanks to the advent of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. More and more employees are encouraged, if not required, to use their own devices at work, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Devices are used on a corporate network, and subsequently require IT services to provide security requirements for each device option.

The Move to Mobile

This shift to mobile means employees can be reached any time and perform at least some if not all of their duties from any location. It’s our job to ensure devices on a corporate network are secure, and this includes determining which apps are security risks and which aren’t, adding passwords to each device, and encrypting all device data.

"Anytime, anywhere" access to device data and applications presents security risks we at Wazitech are more than capable of mitigating. Rely on our experienced team to provide the security services your employees require to keep their devices safe, whether they’re using them on premise or any other time.

We’re Here to Help

IT system security is no longer limited to a laptops and desktops within an office or other commercial space. The mobile device revolution continues to impact IT in a way that makes devising and implementing effective security plans more complex than ever. Our team of experts offers managed IT options by solution, service, or industry, and will easily provide the comprehensive desktop management services you require.

Desktop management is no longer just about desktops! Work with our team and enjoy knowing your business’ computer system is secure without overpaying.

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