Plan and Design

The Wazi Data Center plan and design service provides a comprehensive architectural design that that takes into account business needs and goals.

Plan and Design Services

Wazi Data Center Virtualization Plan and Design

Begin your journey to a private cloud with a data center virtualization plan and design by Wazi Technical Solutions. Whether you are taking the first step to virtualize a production deployment, preparing to scale a deployment or evolving an existing deployment to create a foundation for your cloud infrastructure, Wazi Technical Solutions can work with you to understand the numerous design decisions to architect the right design for any deployment.

Plan and Design Service

The Wazi Data Center plan and design service provides a comprehensive architectural design that that takes into account business needs and goals. A Certified VCAP Professional will plan and design a VMware or Citrix implementation that will meet your specific needs for server virtualization and for creating the foundation for cloud infrastructure. At the end of the engagement, you will have a comprehensive logical architectural design that will address your requirements, and leverages best practices.

The Wazi Approach

Our approach considers system availability, performance, scalability, security, cost and best practice compliance. Finding the right balance that meets every client's requirements, time, and cost constraints is a key benefit of using an experienced system architect from a Utah Citrix or VMware partner.

Wazi's Plan and Design service is offered at three levels

  • Basic Plan and Design
    The Basic service is an introductory plan and design package geared toward customers seeking a simple design or interested in exploring a virtualization solution.
  • Standard Plan and Design
    The Standard service begins with exploration into your user cases, and provides implementation guidance with more in-depth information regarding, installation and configuration tasks, day-to-day operations, and design verification tasks. The Standard service also allows for some customization for your specific environment.
  • Premium Plan and Design Service
    The Premium service is ideal if a company needs highly complex technical designs or highly customized, in-depth engagement deliverables. The Premium service takes a more

Capacity and Financial Analysis

Capacity analysis is performed to understand the existing, physical server utilization and to estimate the number of hosts needed. This critical information is gathered using Wazi's software. Financial analysis provides estimates of total cost of ownership and return on your investment.

Design Enablement Workshop Sessions

A workshop is conducted to provide the information a company may need to participate effectively in design sessions. A demonstration implementation is built to facilitate knowledge transfer after the project gets started. This includes information about the Citrix deployment or VMware ESX and VMware vCenter best practices, with P2V (physical to virtual) migrations.

Design Creation

Based on the capacity and financial analysis, and the design enablement workshops, a series of documents are created for design implementation, installation and configuration, and operation of the virtual system.

Recommendations & Deliverables

The deliverables are presented to the stakeholders and recommendations are made for the next steps for deploying the desired solution.

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