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WaziTech IT Services

WaziTech offers Outsourced IT and Project Based IT consulting for businesses in Utah. As the premier IT Support company based in Salt Lake City, WaziTech will deliver a full range of IT solutions at competitive prices.

Virtual Solutions

WaziTech delivers desktop virtualization technologies to companies in addition to outstanding IT support and customer service, with a proven virtualization deployment history. Contact WaziTech for any of your business IT needs.

Network Security

A Security Risk Consultant from a Utah based network security company will help you assess your network security and analyze the system and applications to protect and secure valuable information.

IT Services in Salt Lake City

Virtual Server and Virtual Desktops with Technical Support

Wazi is focused on technical support through server consolidation and desktop virtualization (VDI), which is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way companies compute. Wazi, a Salt Lake City VMware partner, is the industry leader for technical support and IT solutions for companies looking to increase technical resources through virtual servers.

Outsourced IT Utah

Desktop Virtualization Solutions with Virtual Machines

Some people ask What is Virtualization? Virtualization with a VMware license refers to the creation of a virtual machine that will act as if it is a real computer with all the same applications running on an operating system. Software will effectively compute on these virtual machines and stay separated from the underlying hardware, in case a computer is damaged or even stolen. Information that is saved on a virtual machine will not be lost, because the information is saved and stored directly on the server.

IT Support Salt Lake

Wazi Technical SOlutions Virtual Servers with Technical Support

Wazi has created virtualization solutions for a number of large organizations from their headquarters in Utah. VMware partners around the world have started the same virtualization process with solutions that have enabled IT organizations of all sizes to deliver resources and applications when and where they are needed. These Virtual Servers enable businesses to respond to market dynamics more quickly and more efficiently than ever. Technical support in Salt Lake City has never been easier with the help of a VMware license on a Utah based virtual server.

Why Use Virtualization Software?
  • Get more out of your existing resources: Pool common infrastructure resources and break the one application to one server model with server consolidation.
  • Reduce datacenter costs by reducing your physical infrastructure and improving your server to admin ratio: Fewer servers and related IT hardware means reduced real estate and reduced power and cooling requirements. Better management tools let you improve your server to admin ratio so personnel requirements are reduced as well.
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity: Securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments with no interruption in service. Eliminate planned downtime and recover immediately from unplanned issues.
  • Gain operational flexibility: Respond to market changes with dynamic resource management, faster server provisioning and improved desktop and application deployment.
  • Improve desktop manageability and security: Deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments that users can access locally or remotely, with or without a network connection, on almost any standard desktop, laptop or tablet PC.
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